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Resurface and Repair

There is no need remove that old driveway, patio, or pool deck.  Let KB Concrete Staining repair and restore or refinish and stain to look better than it did originaly. Every home or project is different. Not every time will there be a need to stain. You might only need a small repair or possibly repair the existing finish or texture. There might be a large crack that needs some epoxy injection to help stabilize the area. Then there might be a need to refinish old worn-out concrete that has been aging for years. So Consider KBCS before tearing out.

Exterior Staining

All most any surface out side can be stained to create a brand new look. If you have existing oil stains,or years of wear and tear a solid color stain will cover them up. Ther are many different type's of stain's for exterior applications. Ther are translucent, solid color and transparent stain's for textured surface's. Whether your looking to stain your pool deck, patio, walkway's or driveway there is a stain that will fit your project. Also if you have an existing concrete water feature or concrete furniture all of those can be stained to. Almost any concrete surface can be stained and sealed.

Interior Staining

Interior concrete staining is a very afordable way to enhance your home. You can get rid of all your carpet, tile, wood, linoleum and ect. to make a smooth and natural looking floor that is very easy to take care of and maintain. With the current technology of water based stain's the color pallet is up to your imagination. We are able to create marbled or faux finished look's that are awesome and natural looking. Or you might just want a solid color concrete stain. After staining your your new concrete floor we alway's seal and wax to protect the newly stained floor. Not just concrete floor's can be stained, also counter top's, fire place hearth's, mantel's, even shower,s. Let your imagination and KB Concrete Staining help to re-design your interior.

Re-Stain Rock Waterfall's, Grotto's and slides. 

Re-stain your existing rock waterfall,grotto or slide to to it's original look or in most case's it will look better than it ever did because of new technology with water based stains. Your rock slide can also be re-sealed  to create a very smooth and fun ride. In most cases we do not have to remove any existing paint or stain we can stain right over the existing after a proper cleaning.

Cleaning & Sealing

By using the propoer cleaning detergents and the right sealer for the existing concrete there are some projects that are sutted for just cleaning and sealing Not all concrete will be able to except just one type of sealer. Let KB Concrete Staining help guide you to the right sealer for your existing concrete. Sometimes a water based penatrating sealer with no enhancement but lots of protection is the way to go. Or a slovent based sealer that is breathable and has maximum enhancement and protection is the way to go. There are many types of sealers for all kinds of different finishes and textures of concrete.

Decorative Cutting & Engraving

Decorative saw cutting is great way to create borders or patterns in existing concrete. By creating borders you can introduce different colors that compliment each other or even contrast. Another way to enhance with decorative cutting is circles or radius cuts. Most all decorative cutting is only about 1/4 inche deep and wide. The posibilitys are endless with decorative cutting and engraving. Patterns and Logos are also a great way to bring life and color to your concrete. 

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